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The Catholic University of Korea

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The vision of the University is to offer an education based on Catholic spirit of truth, love and service. It endeavors to become a world class university with an education that will help to build a society where human dignity is respected. We have a long term goal of becoming the 7th university in Korea by 2015 by making our education more human, global and specialized.

Songsin Campus

It is located on the main cultural street in Hyewha-dong. There is the Faculty of Theology for the future priests. It offers an integral formation of the seminarians. It has a large dormitory and a beautiful campus with Korea’s largest theological library. It is the Faculty of Theology with longest tradition and has produced many holy priests who have been the salt and light of the world.

Songsim Campus

This campus has faculties of humanities, social studies, engineering, and art. It offers diverse services so that students can dedicate themselves for their training. The class rooms are set up with state of the art technology and user friendly library. It also offers different exchange programs with other foreign institutions.

Songeui Campus

It offers a Medical School and a Nursing School. We not only offer medical knowledge technology but strive to offer future medical agents necessary moral formation as well as the spirit of life long self formation. With 8 hospitals attached we are the most representative medical school in the country.