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The Catholic Education Foundation(CEF) was started in 1994 to gather different schools with their long traditions, with the goal of implementing a Christian education based on “the Gospel spirit of freedom and charity” according to the teachings of Vatican Council II.

It all started in 1855 when St. Joseph’s Seminary was founded. Since then, St. Mary’s Hospital opened its doors in 1936 and in 1954 it started it’s faculty of medicine. The faculty then became the start of the Catholic University in 1959. During the merge between the Catholic University and the Songsim(Sacred Heart) Women’s University in 1994 schools such as Dongsung High School, Gyeseong High School, Dongsung Middle School and Gyeseong Elementary School joined to start CEF as one education system.

Spread the love of Jesus Christ

The Foundation also has the same love for the sick as Our Lord. Through our medical network with 8 hospitals we continue to bring Christ’s love to them with medical attention.

The Gospel Spirit of freedom and charity

As part of this effort we are leading the way in the adult stem cell research to find cures for incurable diseases. We take particular pride in such research since it offers an alternative to the embryo stem cell research that destroys human life.

We also have the only university leprosy research center in Korea so as to prevent and cure diseases that are not so widely known in the society.

We would like to thank all those who have worked so hard to build up a body of excellent teaching staff, research facilities and scholarship foundations and we promise to develop economic activities that will generate more fund. The profit made by the fund generating activities of the Foundation will be invested in various educational and other Church activities.

St. Andrew Kim, who is the patron saint of the Foundation, was martyred at an early age for his faith in God. We would like to imitate that faith and try to follow God’s will in every step of the way.

I pray that Our Lord will bless you and fill your work place and family with His peace and love.
I also would like to ask you to pray for the Catholic Education Foundation so that it will faithfully
follow God’s will.

천주교 서울대교구장 학교법인 가톨릭학원 이사장 정순택